Dr. Derek Alderman spoke with The Root regarding his ongoing research around Dr. Martin Luther King street names. This is the first in a series of episodes on various MLK streets in the US.A. and is potentially good classroom resource for helping unpack the stories and lives behind street names.


Alana Dillette, Stefanie Benjamin, & Chelsea Carpenter won "Best Research Paper" at the 2018 Travel Tourism Research Association (TTRA) 49th Annual Conference in Coral Gables, Florida, U.S. Their paper and presentation titled, "Tweeting the Black experience: Social media counter-narrative stories as innovative insight on #travelingwhileblack" focused on the lived experiences of Black travelers tweets. 


Black Travel Movement, LLC and ET AL Films, LLC with the help of renowned Director/Producer D. Channsin Berry, are working together to develop and produce a feature-length documentary that focuses on the evolution of African American travel.

The documentary will begin looking at some of the challenges African Americans faced when traveling during the Jim Crow era, with a specific focus on the Negro Motorist Green Book, written and published by Victor Green between the 1936-1966. This book was a staple for African Americans in its day, educating travelers on where to safely eat, sleep and recreate while on the road. The documentary will then move on to tell the story of how African Americans have moved from this difficult era to todays current phenomenon of Black travel. Chronicling stories ranging from Black skiers in Japan, Black millennials traveling to Paris, Black families tracing their roots back to Africa and the inspiring work being done by Black travel bloggers and organizations. Primary work for this project started in May 2017 with production expected to take place in late 2018.

As a part of the documentary, historians, sociologists, and important voices and influencers in the travel community are being interviewed in order to get a broad range of perspectives and stories. Dr. Alana Dillette, an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University was chosen to be interviewed for this important work based on her current and ongoing work with the Black Travel Movement. Dr. Dillette is also a research fellow with Tourism RESET, an organization focused on race, ethnicity and social equity in tourism. Her research interests include diversity and inclusion in hospitality and tourism, more specifically around issues related to race and ethnicity in travel. Dr. Dillette also prides herself on bringing a diverse range of views on travel and tourism into her classroom, standing on the belief that travel has the ability to change lives and perspectives in a positive way.